My Thoughts on The Future Generation of The World aka Children

Wow. I literally was just sitting on this cafe near my campus, thinking that I’d only get to finish my work. Didn’t expect to be inspired to write, at all.

So, here’s the big question: what is wrong with children?

A big portion of’em are loud and annoying. Like seriously. About 99,98%, possibly. They run around like madmen, they have snot all over their faces, they ALWAYS have powdered cheetos on the corner of their mouths, and they refuse to eat. Or to sleep. Like what the fuck? Here I am in my sixteens ready to swap my eyes for some good sleep hours. You literally only have to close your god dang eyes and do nothing. Why’s it so hard for you? Maybe it is hard. Maybe shutting their fucking mouths and actually stop moving is hard for them. Which is fucking unbelievable. Like what the fuck.

Also with their problems with food. Like gurl, why don’t you eat? You have ED or something? Gosh dang it. (Now I’m getting triggered here.)

Sometimes I don’t understand. Why don’t parents just… you know. Let their children not eat and do whatever the fuck they’d hope to do. And when they’re actually hungry, I’m sure they’ll tail your ass and beg for food. Why force them to do something that they don’t want to do, wasting food and tiring yourself try’na feed them with those cute lil spoon, y’know?

Like I remember vividly. My mom would force me to finish my food although I was full, and now look at me- I’m fat as fuck. Motherfucking obese, if you’d say. Seriously. I know it’s good to teach your kids not to waste food, but why don’t you just put little servings on the motherfucking plate, and when it’s not enough, you’ll get more? Seriously. I’d seriously consider myself a better parent than those immature condom-breaking people.

In conclusion, I do not want kids. Notice that it’s a present tense- meaning it could change anytime soon, or late (Although I doubt that I’ll suddenly want kids two seconds from now). Sorry peeps, I just cannot imagine getting my pussy wrecked for a literal ball of problem(s) (what if my future children are twins?), having to go through possible post partum depression? Like, no thanks, I am depressed already.

For those of you who want children, good for you. You continue the humanity. You’re fucking brave, I’ll give that to you. You’re brave because you don’t mind being pregnant for 9 months+ and actually giving birth (have you seen the videos? It’s like pooping, but you have a very, very severe constipation you need more than a dozen people to cheer you pushing the giant shit). And also, you’re brave because you risk yourself getting STDs. You know. Who knows one of you might had one fuzzy lil warm sex with some hoes or something and then ended up getting the microbes and/or viruses?


A Yellow Hello

Hi, and welcome to my blog, where I can freely rant about literally anything without sugar coating any of it. I’m sixteen, currently a freshman in one of the best institutions in my country (nah, I’m kidding, it really is the best lol), studying engineering although my absolute worst subject is Physics. Yep.

A little bit about me: 1) Puberty hasn’t hit me yet (except monthly cramps and dozens of pimples are considered as a hit), 2) I’m still clueless about my sexual preferences, not that it’s my main priority right now, and 3) I’m weirdly a slytherin??? Although I’m like a literal ball of insecurity???? Which is why I named this blog timidslytherin, it’s ’cause I am one.

I’d consider myself a dork, because I do enjoy puns and watching cartoons (and anime too, one hundred percent). A lot of my time are spent for Quora and Buzzfeed Tasty’s instagram page. Sometimes, I watch TedEd to appear smart (not that any of the knowledge I got from it ever help me get an A).

I’m NOT a straight A student. Nope. Not even God dang close. I do get As, but a lot of the time I get A minus. Which is not that bad when I think about it- A minuses in engineering although I absolutely despise Physics from the bottom of my heart?? That’s hard work right there!

(The last part was a lie. That is not hard work. I rarely work at all, really. People often call me diligent, and I say ‘amen’ every time they call me that. God, please make me diligent. Please. This is an emergency.)

Last thing about me (and this post) is that I’m a huge, ginormous, procrastinator. I literally decided to make this entire blog in order to not study for my Physics quiz tomorrow. Uh huh. That’s about my uni life right there.

So… I should really start studying for my quiz, shouldn’t I?

Bye for now!