A Yellow Hello

Hi, and welcome to my blog, where I can freely rant about literally anything without sugar coating any of it. I’m sixteen, currently a freshman in one of the best institutions in my country (nah, I’m kidding, it really is the best lol), studying engineering although my absolute worst subject is Physics. Yep.

A little bit about me: 1) Puberty hasn’t hit me yet (except monthly cramps and dozens of pimples are considered as a hit), 2) I’m still clueless about my sexual preferences, not that it’s my main priority right now, and 3) I’m weirdly a slytherin??? Although I’m like a literal ball of insecurity???? Which is why I named this blog timidslytherin, it’s ’cause I am one.

I’d consider myself a dork, because I do enjoy puns and watching cartoons (and anime too, one hundred percent). A lot of my time are spent for Quora and Buzzfeed Tasty’s instagram page. Sometimes, I watch TedEd to appear smart (not that any of the knowledge I got from it ever help me get an A).

I’m NOT a straight A student. Nope. Not even God dang close. I do get As, but a lot of the time I get A minus. Which is not that bad when I think about it- A minuses in engineering although I absolutely despise Physics from the bottom of my heart?? That’s hard work right there!

(The last part was a lie. That is not hard work. I rarely work at all, really. People often call me diligent, and I say ‘amen’ every time they call me that. God, please make me diligent. Please. This is an emergency.)

Last thing about me (and this post) is that I’m a huge, ginormous, procrastinator. I literally decided to make this entire blog in order to not study for my Physics quiz tomorrow. Uh huh. That’s about my uni life right there.

So… I should really start studying for my quiz, shouldn’t I?

Bye for now!



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